Writing a personal statement

The personal statement is a special document the undergraduate student writes to show that he is a perfect candidate for an undergraduate degree course. This can be also a paper that a person writes to get a new job. In case of writing it to get an undergraduate degree, you should know that such document is written only one for all colleges and universities, you don’t write a separate for each one. This is differs writing a personal statement from writing an application essay.

When you write this kind of paper, you should understand that there will be many other students that will be from the same college, with the same educational degree. Thereby, you should stand out from the crowd of other candidates. This is a difficult, but it is possible because you have your own qualities, your own experience, and knowledge. Thereby, you should show yourself as a person here. With the help of this document, you should fill in the empty picture about you that the tutor has in his head.

How to write a personal statement?

The personal statement is not big, up to four thousand characters. There are specific tips about this kind of paper:
  • Start with the subject you are applying for
  • This paper will go to many universities, so do not specify the exact courses
  • This paper is personal, so do not use templates for it. The paper shows you as a unique person
  • Explain your selection and why you as a person should study the exact subject
  • Show that you are a perfect candidate for the specific course
  • Write about your experience outside the classroom
  • Explain why your experience outside the classroom is relevant to the courses you are applying for
  • Show the connection between your choice and your career
  • What skills you can demonstrate.

This kind of paper, as many others, requires showing the valuable qualities of the candidate. One of these important qualities is a critical thinking. The ability to think critically is very important for people in many different careers. This ability helps to take serious decisions and resist to a different kind of bias. As an undergraduate student, you will be able to do your research more effectively, if you will be a critical thinking person. Make your paper positive. Despite the fact that the paper is personal, you should never lead it to a kind of blackmailor supplication. Tutors don’t like to see the panic or some kind of negative attitude. If you are not sure in what you are writing, you can put writing a personal statement on a professional writing firm.

Writing a personal statement at the writing company

Essay writing companies are very popular these days for many reasons. It is quite easy to work online because it guarantees a high privacy and safety. You can connect many companies online and find the company that fits your requirements the most. If you are going to hire a writing company for writing a personal statement, this should not be done from scratch, because the paper is very personal. Thebest way to do it is to make your statement’s first draft and then give the manuscript to the professional writer for editing.

How to use your mistakes to make your personal papers more powerful?

Mistakes are bad only if you don’t learn from them. Here are some useful tips on using your own mistakes as a useful experience in the personal essay or another kind of papers:
  • Show that you realize your mistakes
  • Take responsibility for yourself
  • Emphasize the experience you gained
  • Show your maturity
  • Laugh at yourself so that no one will think that you are taking yourself too seriously
  • In the essay, you can tell about any mistakes, but don’t let them be ridiculous.

Show that you realize your mistakes. This feature is very appreciated when entering a business school, an undergraduate course, and etcetera. If you talk about your mistakes, this means that you have realized the situation, thought about it and made conclusions. Admission commissions and tutors are very fond of such candidates. Therefore, if you mention your failures, you can prove that you know how to make mistakes.

Take responsibility for yourself

Whatever your mistake is, if you take the responsibility for it, it will look much better than trying to blame others. Always speak only for yourself, you do not need to prove that you are not guilty of anything. Emphasize the experience you gained in your personal essay. Answer yourself such questions:

What experience did you get through the mistake?

And more importantly, how did this mistake change your way of thinking and your behavior?

If you can tell about a specific event that shows how you grew up and learned to accept responsibility, it will be very interesting and original. This will help you to show your maturity. Telling about what happened, show that now you have learned how to deal with difficulties in more "adult" ways. This is connected with the previous points - realize what happened, do not try to shield yourself and save valuable experience.

Treat a mistake with humor. Candidates with exceptional achievements, sometimes make admission commissions doubt - and how does this person survive defeat? If you have many achievements, it is better to prevent such doubts with the help of a sense of humor. Laugh at yourself so that no one thinks that you are taking yourself too seriously. Tell tutors how you fixed your mistake. Stories that have both defeats and wins are great for a personal essay.

The tutors will gladly read the story with an unexpected end, especially if its hero first fails, and then corrects the situation. In the essay, you can tell about any mistakes, but they should not look ridiculous. Do not need to talk about how you as a child got the car out of the garage and crashed into the neighboring fence. It's better to talk about important, serious things. This can help you a lot, but it's risky, so let your essay first be read by an experienced consultant who can point out the shortcomings.

Even if not all of your essay is devoted to failures, the story of their overcoming can be included. For example, these cases can be mentioned when you tell about such features as self-awareness, leadership, maturity, and sense of humor. In the end, the failure story can turn your essay into a success story. If you don’t know how to do it correctly, you better ask for a professional writing help.

What you should write about when writing a personal statement

There are several things that will be totally irrelevant in your personal essay. Here are the main things that you should not include in your personal paper:
  • Your school achievements
  • Your pets and sports
  • Too much information about your parents
  • Too much negativity.

Your school achievements are not what the tutor wants to read about you when you are applying for an undergraduate degree course. Unless you really managed to accomplish something worthwhile in your school years, it is not worth mentioning. What are things you should mention here? For example, you learned 5 languages or got an education in spite of the physical disability. Basically, the management of the college is interested in what you have been doing in recent years. For example, when you enter some undergraduate courses, you need to specify in the essay only work experience and education for the past three years.

Don’t get too personal

Your pets and sports are usually not what should be in a personal statement. Certainly, pets are fine, but the tutor is not interested in reading about how you care for a cat or train a dog. An exception can only be made if your business is related to animals, if you are an animal rights advocate or if swimming with dolphins has forced you to rethink your life, for example. Similarly, there is no point in writing about how you regularly exercise. On the other hand, if your business is connected with fitness or if you are a gold medalist of the Olympic Games, then this is worth mentioning.

Too much information about your parents is also not appreciated. When students go to college, they often write that parents have become for them a role model. But those who enter the undergraduate course are expected to be independent and mature. Even if your parents have managed to overcome adversity, or to go with you to another country and achieve success there, do not pay too much attention to their achievements. In the end, it's you who enter the course, not them.

Stay in a positive tune during the writing

Too much negativity can spoil the impression of the paper. You do not need to write about how bad it was for you to be insulted in college or what were your health problems. This is not the right information for the personal essay. The general rule is this: do not mention anything that you would not tell about during a business lunch. With inappropriate stories you risk creating the impression that you want to cause pity for yourself. Emotional blackmail and snotty stories are not acceptable in the personal statement.

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