Main requirements while writing an autobiography

There are no strict requirements for writing an autobiography. However, there are basic rules of writing such paper, because it is in the category of business or official documentation. There are four basic rules of writing the autobiography:
  • The information in the biography must be 100 percent true
  • The strict chronological order of the biographical facts
  • The proper form of the presentation of the information
  • The right amount of information, the right size of the document.

It is very important to show only true information in the paper. As this kind of paper is the official document, it is saved for a long time. As usual, the truth comes out sooner or later. If you will show something not real in your biography, and the leader will find it out, this can ruin your career. In any case, this will ruin your image, which is very difficult to rebuild. Wrong information in the autobiography often becomes a serious obstacle on the way to the desired position.

The autobiography should be composed consistently and logically, using the chronological way of showing facts. You need this to make a clear picture of your activities. You cannot tell about your college, then about your work and then again about the college, unless this is the real chronological order of your activities. You should not also miss something in your autobiography, even if you want it. If you don't like something in it, you can write it the way that it does not catch attention. However, in this type of writing, you cannot miss the significant facts of your autobiography, if they are relevant for the position.

The autobiography should be always capacious and concise. The optimal size of this kind of writing is usually from 1 to 2 pages. In practice, it is better to stick to the small amount of the document, because people usually read it fast and miss the majority of facts. Try to put all the important information on one page, to make sure that all of it will be read. If you cannot do the optimal size duringwriting an autobiography, you can ask someone to look at it from the outside. This person can suggest you which information can be cut.

Use the business style to write your autobiography. As this is an official document, the creativity is not welcomed here. As the other document, this kind of writing should be done without mistakes, typos, and etcetera. You should remember, that the first impression of the document will be done accordingly to its grammar level and the form of the presentation. Use the "easy" form of the presentation to make the right impression.

Three main types of the autobiography

If you writing an autobiography, you should learn its main three types:
  • Autobiography as the specific document. Such form of the autobiography requires only clear facts in the strict sequence
  • Autobiography as the essay. This form of the autobiography has less strict requirements, so the format of the paper gives more freedom to a writer. However, you should never get too involved in the details
  • Autobiography as the questionnaire. In this case, the applicant has the specific list of questions about his life, which he should answer.

Writing an autobiography is not so difficult, because you writing about yourself, so you know the material good. However, this type of paper should make the right impression on the reader, so you should be very careful. Thereby, sometimes it makes sense to use the professional writing team online to finalize the draft.

How to write the paper depending on your experience?

If you have the rich working experience, then you surely should include it in your paper. Especially if this experience is relevant, this will show you as a perfect candidate for the position and will increase your chances. However, if you are just graduated from college, it seems that you have nothing to show in your document. However, there are different ways of writing an autobiography depending on the experience.

If you already have the working experience

If you are a specialist with relevant experience, you can without a doubt make it the strong side of the autobiography. In the paper, you should show all your previous places of work. You should write the names of the companies in the way as they were when you worked there. If the name of the company has changed, you should write both variants. Don't forget to stick to the chronological order of the writing.

It is highly important to identify your strong professional sides. When you writing an autobiography, describe your strong professional qualities the way that will make you look good in the eyes of the person who makes decisions. Anyway, as it was already mentioned, you should never use the information that is not true. This can have the very ineffective result of your career. It is like to build a building with a paper foundation.

When you write each company where you worked, you should mention the position you occupied. Here you should also show what duties you had to fulfill at every specific job position. If there were two positions at one company, you can also show this in your paper. The details that you show here depend on the sphere of working. However, you should never show the routine tasks here, only something significant and interesting for the person who makes decisions. Remember, that you should try to write the whole paper on one page, so you should always show only the most important information.

If you just graduated from college

If you are a student who just graduated, you can make your academic activities the strong side of the paper. What you can do here:
  • Provide topics and brief descriptions of your scientific works
  • Tell about the past practices in college
  • Describe the knowledge and skills received there
  • Show your active life position - participation in conferences, college life activities, additional courses and etcetera.

Now you have an idea, according to which scheme the autobiography is written. However, it is always necessary to specify the information taking into account your case. When writing an autobiography for a high school, it should emphasize what achievements are in school. Also, it is necessary to tell about participation in general educational additional activities. If a schoolboy visits sports sections, has grades and certain achievements, then this information will be useful for the autobiography.

The main purpose of the autobiography is not to demonstrate your life achievements and the story of your important career moments. The autobiography has a different purpose - to show your professionalism and your work experience. The employer should learn from the autobiography about what career advancement you have already reached, what is your potential is and how you will fit a specific vacant position in the company.

Fight procrastination when writing an autobiography

Almost ninety percent of all people suffer from the procrastination in some level. That means that sometimes it is hard to do something, so the person systematically postpones it for later. It is quite fun, but for some reason, people postpone only important tasks for their career and decide to perform something not important. Procrastination differs from usual laziness in its main essence. The lazy person avoids to do something but doesn't feel any bad feelings about that. At the same time, the procrastinator is always stressed with the postponed task. There are five main reasons for procrastination that you should fight:
  • Hypertrophied perfectionism – a person wants to do something perfectly, so postpones the task for later. However, there is no need to wait for the right mood and the right time, because they will never come
  • Too abstract purpose, that a person doesn’t feel. When you writing an autobiography, the purpose should be to get a job or a position in college, or some other specific goal
  • The lack of time
  • Routine tasks
  • Tiredness.

If you suffer from the procrastination, you should find the reasons for it. When this will be done, it will be easier to fight it. Finally, the autobiography is a very important document, so it is worth the time spend on it.

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